One Night in Toronto

Toronto in February?! You’re probably asking yourself why? Well, for starters, Toronto has a vibrant and eclectic food scene. A quick business trip had me in Toronto for just over 24 hours. So, I did what any tourist would do, I ate!

When you’re new to a city, I always recommend using your hotel’s concierge to find a great dining spot. Plus, this gives you VIP treatment when you dine out. My hotel recommended the Alobar in Yorkville. Yorkville is similar to New York’s 5th Avenue; great designer shops and upscale restaurants.

The concierge had contacted the restaurant and reserved a spot for me. When I walked into the restaurant, the hostess greeted me; new my name before I could announce my arrival, seated me at the bar, and poured me a glass of champagne.

I would describe the Alobar as Asian fusion. Before going to the restaurant, I also try and scope out new places on Instagram so you can really get the feel for the vibe and see the food come alive in pictures. Check out Alobar’s IG page.

I ordered the Wagyu Carpaccio and a delicious cauliflower dish for the side.

For hotels, I highly recommend The Hazelton Hotel. It’s a luxury hotel in a luxury neighborhood and just walking distance from Alobar. The hotel has a great restaurant, spa, and exercise room.

If you’re out shopping at the mall and want a Barney’s New York experience, check out Holt’s Renfrew. They have a restaurant similar to Fred’s at Barney’s called Holt’s Café; great for a power lunch and people watching.IMG_3407IMG_3416IMG_3418IMG_3428





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